Brad Castleberry Take Steroids Or Natural?

Bradly Castleberry is a Pro bodybuilder as well as the football player.

He has just grew up with as an athletic child and started the weight training at the early age 15 years old.

Brad Castleberry

After the weight training since childhood, he never thinks to quit sports, weightlifting and the bodybuilding.

Over the few years, he got the famous in the bodybuilding and In the sports for his incredible strength and power.

Bradly Castleberry made a record in the fitness industry by making a record in the fitness industry for lifting over the weight around 750lbs.

He has grown up with a social media and has started the clothing line and the supplements.

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Bradly Bodybuilding Journey:

He started his career in the bodybuilding with his friends.

Castleberry showed the athletes and sports abilities in the early age, so he started the lifting of weight and weight training in the high school.

At the age of 15 years old, he got the membership of gym so he got his training seriously.

Castleberry at the age of 15 years old first appeared on the stage for competing the bodybuilding show.

Brad castleberry bodybuildingBradly hard work and dedication results in the Pro Card.

After the month of winning Pro Card, he just joined the football sports and compete in the different shows.

Power lifting:

After spending the time on the football field, he continued his desire of strength training, weightlifting, and the Powerlifting.

Athlete Statistics Of Bradly Castleberry:

  • Weight of the body: 240-255Ibs (108.8-115.7kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (177.5cm)
  • Year of birth: 1985

Bradly Castleberry And Social Media:

The fake controversy of weight lifting did not contribute to getting fame, the actual reason behind the fame is 250 pounds with 5’10’’ height.

The video on the social media, Bradly claimed that he lifts the weight around 800 pounds in the squat, 700 pounds on the bench and 750 on the deadlifts.

The world records for lifting the weight around 240 pounds.

He has almost gained the 1.5M views and 2.5M views in the video.

Did Bradly Put The Fake Weights?

Bradly is a person who is most disliked on the social media due to fake weight controversy in which he mixes the fake weights with a real weight.

Brad-Castleberry fake photos
Source: Watchotc

It seems like he actually cut the regular rounded plates and inserted the fake hex plates which are typical for making a legit look.

Does Brad Castleberry Apply Photoshop On The Pictures?

People also noticed that he used the photoshop for giving the real look to fake weights

There are usually nine plates in almost all bars, but the Brad holds 10 plates with a clamp on the side.

If Castleberry was real so he did not post a picture.

Bradly Castleberry Workout Training:

Bradly works for 6 times in a week with one day of rest.

He prefers those exercises which can give the frequent muscle growth, stretching and, stimulations.

Castleberry prefers to push the body at extreme levels.

Bradly loves the powerlifting and he is a big fan of compound lifts.

His favorite exercises are squat, bench and the deadlifts.

1. Stretching:

According to the Brad, stretching is the most important training for the muscle growth.

Brad Castleberry trainingBradly training is incomplete without a stretching, he prefers to stretch before and after every workout.

He also tells the importance of stretching after the workout.

Castleberry believes that the stretching can improve the flow of blood and allow for the recovery.

2. Schedule:

Bradly Castleberry training is six times a week in which one day is for rest to recover the damages of muscle.

This schedule is the most optimal way to stimulates the muscle growth

Bradly Castleberry Nutrition:

Bradly also believes that you must eat the strict diet on the bodybuilding.

Castleberry said that the diet of bodybuilder should contain lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and the lean proteins.

Bradly said that when it comes to the Powerlifting so the diet is consist rice, protein shake and veggies.

He allows himself for the cheating meals, forgetting the vital nutrients which are lost during the training session.

Bradley Castleberry Steroids Cycle:

Bradley never denied the use of steroids which matters.

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Here is an example that Castleberry probably uses the steroids for lifting the huge power.

Steroid Amount
Trenbolone Acetate 1250 mg/week
Testosterone Enathate 1500mg/week
Equipoise 100mg/week
HGH 10 IU’s per day
Halotestin 50 mg per day
Cardarine 30 mg per day
Anavar 100 mg per day
Insulin 6IU’s twice a day

Would You Like To Give Credit Castleberry For Doing The Stupids Thing On The Social Media?

In my opinion, if Brad were using the fake plates so he is also lifting a ton of weight and there is no any reason to deny the Bradly effort.

Brad Castleberry trainingsBradly Castleberry has the 726K followers in the Instagram in which they all are not a hater.

Bradly started his own company of the supplements and selling the supplement name as Castleberry Nutrition.

Castleberry always has a thick skin so there is no any reason, predictable for use of steroid.

Assumption: (Steroid Positive)

Bradly has 255Ibs weight with 5’10’’ height, whereas the natural one with this similar height can easily gain the 170Ibs or 77 kg, but there is a difference a lot in the natural standard.

This phenomena probably indicate the use of steroid

However we can not neglect the efforts by Bradly since early age.